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Health Care Information System

Lifeline is a complete end to end Hospital Management System with complete ERP. Has more than 40 modules to choose from Read More....
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PACS & Teleradiology Solutions

INTUIT provides FDA approved complete PACS and Teleradiology solutions Read More..
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 Automatic Patient CD Solutions

Our completely automated patient CD ROBOT solutions can connect to any PACS or can work as standalone system, Read more...

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DICOM Conversion

Dicom convert

Convert any Analog source to DICOM

Given us the source, it can be Paper, Video, Film just about anything, we have solution to convert to DICOM. Solutions ranges from simple document scanner, Film scanner to video capture card or special devises to connect to any non standard source. Check with our experts.
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LAB Interfacing

LAB interfacing services

Our LAB interfacing services include uni-direction as well as BI-Directional. Optionally you can choose to take advantage of quality control module which is unique to our product. 
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Vendor Nutral DICOM Storage



For the diagnostic center or hospitals who have PACS, they can take advantage of our Vendon Nutral DICOM Server to backup the live DICOM Files. They can use any DICOM node to access our server to review images anytime. They can use this as a secondary DR at a remote location. It's cost effective way of keeping all their backup in a live enviorment instead of a offline backup.
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Patient DICOM CD

Our Patient DICOM CD solution is from industry leader RIMAGE. Our Robots prints patient data on the CD and burns corresponding DICOM files and viewer on the CD. We have connectors to most of the known PACS vendors in the market. This is the The only CD solution that can print in CD that has Scratch proof, Water Proof and Heat Proof.
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Teleradiology - Cloud PACS

cloud solution


Our Teleradiology solution has the most flexible and cost effective option for telerporting. It's a perfect ADD-ON for radiology house to report thier own study from anywhere anytime. Can also be used for Peer review and remote image sharing.
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WACOM in HealthCare

VIST US at Arab Health for the pen and touch input solutions using WACOM.


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